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on Friday, 09 October 2015
Diamond GameCaster HD 1080P

Diamond Multimedia has created the GameCaster GC2000 HD 1080P, a device that can not only record PC gameplay, it can also record console gameplay. Designed to act as a pass though HDMI recording device or used with YPbPr inputs, it can be attached to a PC for streaming and recording or it can be used as a standalone device by recording an a SD card. Recording resolution is available up to 1080 (60p) and it uses the H.264 codec for encoding. I robust software package is also included to make sure the user gets the most out of their videos.

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Posted by Michael Pabia
on Thursday, 08 October 2015
LUXA2 PL2 6000mAh Leather Power Bank

Previously, we took a look at another power bank solution from LUXA2, the PL1 2800mAh Leather Power bank. Today we will be looking at a more powerful variant of LUXA2's leather power banks, the PL2 with 6000mAh capacity. What it offers other than the luxurious look and feel and higher capacity is something we will find out today!

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Posted by Heath Coop
on Wednesday, 07 October 2015
Patriot Viper 4 8GB DDR4 3400MHz Memory

The Viper 4 has been on the market for some time now. Originally available with speeds from 2400MHz up to 3000MHz, Patriot has now released kits with higher speed ratings. A series of kits have now been released with speeds from 3200MHz up to 3600MHz. Today we will be looking at their 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 3400MHz memory kit.

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Posted by Michael Pabia
on Tuesday, 06 October 2015
Cougar QBX

Gaming PCs are getting faster and smaller nowadays. Gaming PCs used to be dominated by tall tower cases but today you can see so many form factors available from those that are in a cube form to those that you can hang on walls and others in between. If you like it small and compact, the small form factor gaming PC is for you. Looking for a mini-ITX chassis can be quite challenging which I've personally experienced. A smaller chassis would also mean less supported hardware wherein size constraints limits your options. Cougar would like to improve that notion and provide and small yet very capable chassis which we will be looking at today. Follow us as we check out the Cougar QBX mini-ITX chassis.

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Posted by Michael Pabia
on Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Smartphones and iPhones naturally come with a headset which works but not really on the higher end of things when it comes to audio quality. Most of the time, end-users would purchase a different headset for better audio quality whether you use your phone for music or for communication. Either way, there are a lot of options out there and we would be looking at one from a brand named SoundMAGIC. Follow us today as we check out the SoundMAGIC E80S In-Ear Isolating Earphones with microphone.

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