About Pro-Clockers

Pro-Clockers was formed in December of 2004 with one idea in mind: to provide a quality and professional site for computer hardware reviews. Pro-Clockers is dedicated to reviewing the best equipment suitable for your PC. We will do our best to locate quality and low cost hardware for everyone. If you don't see something you like, and you would like it to be reviewed, please contact us with the name of the hardware we should review and we'll do our best to get it for you. Pro-Clockers has no intention of becoming the number one review website on the Internet, we just wish to be people you can trust and count on to provide adequate and truthful information in the world of computer hardware.

Our Stats

Pro-Clockers isn’t big in size but very big in heart. Our staff is comprised of individuals that work in the computer industry rather than in its sales or advertising. Pro-Clockers has evolved over the years as a site that will give very detailed reviews with an unbiased opinion. We at Pro-Clockers attract anywhere from 15 – 20k unique visitors a month and growing as of the fourth quarter of 2014.


People are the Computer industry. Forget innovation. Forget bottom lines. Without every day people forking over their hard earned money and time, this whole house of cards falls apart. At Pro-Clockers, we know without our viewers and loyal readers this site is nothing more than paid storage space. Our building number of page views and monthly visitors is an outgrowth of our commitment to our viewers. This is a perfect opportunity for companies to take part in our growth by advertising on our site.

Adverting Space

Nothing bothers visitors to a site more than overbearing, overdone ads that get in the way of general surfing. Pro-Clockers likes to keep our ads visible without actually creating a negative impact on our readers. Our prices are fair and we have many options available. All ads will appear on all pages of site except the forums. Check us out.

Adverting Sizes

Standard Banners (main header & underneath featured reviews): 468x60, Animated or GIF
Skyscraper Banners (right content areas): 120x600, Animated or GIF
Portal Banners (right content areas): 125x125, Animated or GIF
Tower Banners (right content areas): 125x300, Animated or GIF

Please get in direct contact with Stan at about current pricing.