Microcool Banchetto K Open Air Test Bench Review

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Microcool Banchetto K Open Air Test Bench Review


Back when we reviewed the Banchetto 101, the first open-air test setup from Microcool, we marked it as the best and most complete testing table during its time. The features were unmatched and the look was brilliant. But the original Banchetto was more of a case than a test bench because once items were put in place like the power supply and drives it was time consuming to remove to test another component. Well, that has changed with the introduction of the Banchetto K.

The Microcool Banchetto K is more of the bencher’s type table as everything can be mounted to the platform and easily removed to move on to the next item. The low platform single stage design made it possible to mount and dismount hardware components faster. The new Banchetto K is about the 1/5 of the size of the older Banchetto 101 making it very compact and easier to transport.

Microcool’s take on the Banchetto K

Banchetto K is the Microcool proposal for those who are getting to know Modding for the first time and for those who are already experts in Overclocker and want an ergonomic support for their hardware. Its compact structure allows for easy access to all system components and provides hardware in an orderly and rational manner.You can house up to 4 fans and, if you want, use it as a starting point for liquid nitrogen cooling. Banchetto K offers exceptional compatibility with all standard motherboards and will allow you to easily assemble and disassemble components.