G.Skill DDR3 RipjawsX 1866MHz Memory

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Introduction to the G.Skill DDR3 RipjawsX 1866MHz Memory

With the introduction of the Cougar Point P67 and Z68 chipsets brought on a new era in system memory. The need for low voltage made life easier on the integrated memory controller of the Sandy Bridge processor. Was the need for low voltage memory a much needed one? Not at all. Usually, the standard 1.65 voltage we saw with the P55 and X58 would work just fine in these new systems. Lower voltage RAM just made compatibility much easier to deal with.

G.Skill, the makers of some of the most sought after memory on the planet, was kind enough to send over a version of their low voltage memory kits aimed at the Cougar Point chipsets. The sample kit they sent over heralds from their famous RipjawsX line and is rated at 1.5 volts operating at 1866MHz. Specifically, ours is model F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL, consisting of two 4GB modules for a usable total of 8GB. Read on and find out how these perform.

G.Skill’s take on the RipjawsX

Building on the strong success of the first generation Ripjaws brand in performance memory kits, every single RipjawsX memory kit is hand-tested on an Intel Sandy Bridge platform in accordance with G.Skill's strict internal testing procedure, to ensure the best in class performance, compatibility and reliability across a range of popular motherboards. It is the perfect memory solution for PC gamers, performance workstations, enthusiast power users and anyone who loves the cutting-edge of technology! The following list shows the detail specifications of G.Skill RipjawsX family.