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Posted by Damon Bailey on Thursday, July 28, 2016 - 8:00am

Thoughts and Conclusion

Enermax has taken the original Ostrog case and improved upon it in many ways here. With a dedicated space for liquid cooling, bold painted interior, and the very unique and very smooth lighting system, the Ostrog Advance has a drastically higher curb appeal. The lighting system is incredibly even, you can’t make out any of the more than 260 LED’s integrated into the case, and the TB Vegas LED fans put on a nice show without seeming over the top. They move a decent amount of air, and aren’t all that loud, even at the highest setting, so most users will likely leave them in place.

I would love to see some expansion capabilities added to the LED and fan controller, enough at least to replace the rear fan with an Enermax TB Vegas and add two to the top for a complete matching system. For custom loop water cooler fans, the ability to remove the lower 3.5” drive cage would also be a welcome addition, opening up the ability to stick a 240mm radiator in the front, as well as make room for a pump and reservoir. With a few small tweaks, this case could go toe to toe with much more expensive cases, but don’t take that negatively, it is still a great choice for many. Great job Enermax! You can find the Enermax Ostrog Advance Case at Newegg and Frys for $119.99.


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