Vantec NexStar 3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Enclosure

Posted by on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - 5:48pm


Installation of the cooler is very simple and takes a matter of minutes.

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To install the cooler you take the 4 Philips head mounting screws and feed them through the appropriate mounting hole for the CPU socket you are using.

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You then place the rear mounting back plate in place with the mounting screws in the proper mounting holes.

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Be Quiet then provides you with 4 plastic clips that hold the mounting screws in place.

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Once you have your back plate mounted you then mount the two mounting brackets to the bottom of the contact block with the screws provided.

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Now that you have the mounting brackets installed you can install the double threaded mounting bolt in the bottom securing it with the lock nut on top.

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  • Intel i5 4670K CPU 4.4 Ghz @ 1.27v
  • MSI Z87 MPower
  • G.Skill 8gb (4gb x 2) 2133mhz RAM
  • GTX 660Ti
  • 120 GB Vertex 4 SSD
  • Be Quiet 1000W Power Zone PSU

Testing will be done using Prime95 torture test running for 20 minutes. Temperature monitoring and reading will be done by Core Temp. Ambient temperature during test is 27C.

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