Input Device Reviews


Sentry Cobalt Pro

Founded in 2001, Sentey produces a wide range of computer components, including cases, power supplies, mice, headsets, and many more. They also produce keyboards. Their current keyboard lineup includes five different models. These models range form their entry level  Phoenix to their top of the line Crimson Pro and Cobalt Pro. It is the latter that we'll be review today.

Mionix Avior 7000

When we go out looking for a new mouse, most of us look for durability, weight, adjustable dpi and comfort.  For most of us, finding a good mouse is not an easy task and for someone that are left-handed, it's even harder due to the limited number of models available. A lot of times left handers end up making sacrifices in quality or performance and adapt the "It will do" approach. Whether you are a gamer or an office worker that uses the computer a lot, having the right mice that suits your preferences is important because it will literally mean winning or losing, a faster job done or a painstaking one. With the Mionix Avoir 7000 that is no longer the problem as it aims to address all the factors you consider. Let us see why the Mionix Avoir 7000 would likely be the perfect mice for you to use.

Tesoro Lobera Supreme

Tesoro is a relatively young company, established in 2011 by a team of U.S.A gaming enthusiasts.  Their main focus is creating peripherals specifically for the gaming community. The keyboard we will be looking at today is the Lobera Supreme. The Lobera Supreme is a full featured keyboard will just about every option a gamer could want. They have included 5 software contollable RGB lighting profiles, key functions, and game dependant macro key control. It is also available with a variety of Cherry MX switches. The unit we will be reviewing is equipped with Cherry MX Brown swithes.

When it comes down to getting a new Mouse and Gaming Surface, the market is just flooded with them. Trying to make an educated decision on which one to get can be confusing and one would wonder if there's any difference between them anyway. Over the past 5 years or so there have been great improvements in the mouse peripheral devices wherein these have evolved into something more advanced and complex with others offering more than just the typical functions. Better tracking lasers, cameras, higher DPI levels that would seem too high to keep up with along with stronger longer lasting switches, customizable weight and lighting. Well, one thing we can tell is that Roccat makes some of the higher end mice and mousepads today and we will be taking a look at some of their products namely the Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse and Siru Gaming surface.

GX Gaming Gila Mice

The GX Gaming Gila gaming mice, pronounced as 'hee-la', is a stylistic,12-button gaming laser mouse for the GX Gaming arsenal from Genius. This fully customizable mouse is designed specifically for MMORPG - (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), RTS – (Real Time Strategy) and FPS –( First Person Shooter)gaming. The Gila has a built-in over-clocking engine with a dpi range of 200 to 8200,as well as on-board memory for storing your gaming profiles. The ability to  customize the colors and weight of this mouse are just a few things the Gila offers to Gamers. Here are the main features the Gila offers to the user.



When thinking about gaming keyboards, the name Cooler Master comes to mind. Most of us know Cooler Master from its line of QuickFire gaming keyboards, and today we will be looking at something new in Cooler Master's gaming arsenal, the CM Storm MECH Gaming Keyboard. As its name suggests, the CM Storm MECH is a mechanical keyboard and the sample we received for this review came with Cherry MX Brown Switches. Let's see what this mechanical keyboard can do.

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage these days. They were the big thing back in the day but the past couple years they’ve been making a huge comeback. Most manufacturers now have a mechanical keyboard of their own and some even offer the same keyboard with different switches for a different feel. ROCCAT has gotten into the mechanical keyboard market with the Ryos MK. They’ve given it a refresh and have just recently come out with the Ryos MK Glow which they were kind enough to send us to check out, so let’s get to it!