Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review

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Now, the new creation of the two has hit the U.S. shores in the form of the Level 10 M gaming mouse. Yes, a mouse. The Level 10 M visually is just as impressive as the chassis. Plagued with many of surface panels and buttons, the Level 10 M could easily intimidate many regular PC users as well as other gaming mice. There has been much talk about the new mouse mostly coming from Thermaltake, so are about to venture into the Level 10 M ourselves and see just what it is all about.

Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review



What do you get when you take the manufacturers of the ‘world’s most ultimate driving machine’ and the people that makes some of the world’s most desire PC components? Some sweetly designed PC cases and mouse. Thermaltake and BMW’s DesignworksUSA first gave us the Level 10 chassis which was definitely different from anything else on the market and you can tell this was a good think as many could not wait to get their sweaty palms on it.

The Level 10 case did spurn off another case in the Level 10 GT. It didn’t have the awesomeness of the original but offered much of the styling and some of the features many came to like in the first model. From then on different color and theme variations stemmed off from them.

Now, the new creation of the two has hit the U.S. shores in the form of the Level 10 M gaming mouse. Yes, a mouse. The Level 10 M visually is just as impressive as the chassis. Plagued with many of surface panels and buttons, the Level 10 M could easily intimidate many regular PC users as well as other gaming mice. There has been much talk about the new mouse mostly coming from Thermaltake, so are about to venture into the Level 10 M ourselves and see just what it is all about.

Thermaltake’s take on the Level 10 M

For the Level 10 project Thermaltake wanted a design partner which stands for innovative thinking and revolutionary approaches in design. Right from the beginning therefore, DesignworksUSA has been the design partner for the Level 10 project. The global design consultancy has skillfully extended the Level 10 design concept and translated it to a vital gaming accessory: the Level 10 M Mouse. Working in various industries, the design team is able to transfer visions and inspiration between many projects and has successfully demonstrated this ability in the latest Tt eSPORTS product design. With the Level 10 M Mouse Thermaltake presents a product which was inspired by the leading future thinkers. The collaboration between Thermaltake Group and BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA will be continued and with an extended e-Sports product range it will keep its focus on serving the high demands of our customers.



Diamond Black 
Iron White
Military Green
Blazing Red



Sensor Type


No. of Buttons


Game Genre


Memory Size


No. of Macro Keys


No. of Game Profiles


Lighting Effect


Pause-Break Effect


Color Options


USB cable length


Weight-In Design


Graphical UI


Industrial Rubber-Coating




Gold-Platted USB



147 x 67.5 x 38.8 mm

Closer look

You don’t expect the regular PC user to go out running to purchase a Level 10 M, except for the all-out gamer and enthusiast and those willing to fork out $100 for a mouse. These are who Thermaltake is aiming the mouse out as no shorts were taken in the development of the mouse.

The Level 10 M is a nice blend of aluminum with a soft coating and a little plastic thrown in. the heavy use of metal gives the mouse its weight and no need for the extra weight pellets that comes with other gaming mouse. The Level 10 M weighs 185 grams. Some may find the mouse a little too heavy and to be honest we did at first. But those that are heavy into the sport of gaming may feel different.

The Level 10 M comes in a three different color variations including Diamond Black (our sample), Military Green and Iron White. I am still trying to figure out where Iron White came from.

Out of the box the mice looks and feels to be more of a fingertip-type of which is what I prefer. But for those that are in the claw style can make some minor adjustments on changing the feel of the Level 10 M. we will hit on that a bit later.

 Looking at the mouse from the front we see the typical scroll wheel (take a closer look at the grip pattern) and left and right mouse buttons. Above and below the scroll wheel are two screws that secure the aluminum band going down the center of the mouse secure.

Atop the right click button are four indicator LEDs displaying the DPI setting at the time of use. In order to keep your palm cool and dry, air escapes from the inside the Level 10 M. The air is designed to hit one section of the palm and spread in all directions carrying the rest of the palm and fingers.

In the image below we have a shot of the height leveling screw. Using the included tool, the user has the ability to raise the height of the back of the mouse to better fit your hand.

The left side of the mouse consists of the typical forward and back buttons (A/B) and a small silver knob. The knob has three main functions. First, pressing it in will change between five pre-set profile settings. Moving it left and right will change the DPI levels also set but the user using the software included or using the company defaults. What about up and down? Well, that is used for using macros once set by the user.

Looking at the opposite side we see to more buttons (C/D) and a strange looking screw knob. The buttons are saved for adding in macros and the screw will adjust the two side panels of the palm area allowing them to tilt more of angle going outwards.

Turing the Level 10 M over we get a glance of the 8200 DPI/1k polling laser used. The entire under bottom is made of aluminum as well and has four sets of Teflon feet to help the mouse glide across the surface of your mouse pad.

A 1.8 meter sleeved USB cable is used to connect the mouse to the PC. There is even a protective boot for the USB connector.


The opening screen shows two profiles of the mouse one view of each side. Here is where we will begin assigning what the buttons on the mouse will do. There is a Normal/Battle mode so you can have two different mouse setting.

Thermaltake does a good job of not making the software application overwhelming. So, those not as diverse will be able to easily navigate and work the app to better work the mouse settings.

Visually, not only can you adjust the panels and height of the mouse but you can also change the color of the lighting to better suit you.

The recording of macros to a particular button is a lot less painful as it is just a matter of pressing the button buttons, indicating delay times and assigning it a command.

Setting the DPI, click, cursor and scroll speeds are a no-brainer.


The Level M is pretty unique in more than a couple of ways. One of them is the feel. Upon first gripping the mouse you immediately feel the difference from the mouse that you were previous using. The mouse is long and to me will feel better too people with longer hands and fingers. For those with shorter hands will have to get used to having the back of their palms resting higher on top of the mice. My wife had no problems with that. The only issue she had with the Level 10 M was the fact it was too advanced for her, which is understandable as she is not a gamer.

I enjoyed the fact that my fingertips rested on the click buttons and not over the edge of them. It seems to have a quicker response this way. But I guess that is just a personal issue. Even pressing the side mounted buttons takes a little getting used to as well as they seem a little out of place. That is just a fact of using a new mouse.

When it came to using the click wheel and the left/right buttons I felt at home from the beginning. The response is razer sharp. And the accuracy was very acceptable. After reading some of the Newegg reviews of the same mouse, we did not witness any ‘squeaky’ wheel rotation. Just the silent click that a lot of gaming mice have.

I will give credit to some of the Newegg posters as the mouse is heavy but too many that is a plus. We had no problems with it but I can see some not liking that. We could have seen Thermaltake going the route of using the whole weight system but the mouse already has a lot going on to add this feature to it. And that would have meant them using a lot more plastic and that isn’t what the Level 10 M is all about.


The Thermaltake Level 10 M is a great way to up the ante when looking for exotic gaming gear. Thermaltake, Tt eSports and BWM let out all the creative juices when it came to the make of this mouse. Many of the features far out distance the competition. The height and width adjustments are the first thing that comes to mind. With such a feature the user came adopt the mouse to his/her liking and not having to adjust to the mouse as much.

After using a particular mouse for a long time getting use to another will take a fair amount of time and this goes for any mouse. The Level 10 M is no different. Actually it may take longer as this mouse is longer than most. And the fact you are now grapping aluminum and not only plastic may play into that as well.

The change of color scheme along with the aluminum make up is another top class achievement we like with this mouse. Not only can you adjust the sides of the mouse but you can visually change at least one aspect of it. It’s nice to be able to change your peripherals to match that of the rest of your PC gear.

One may call the cooling option of the mice a marketing tactic but I am going to put an end to that. It does work. Granted it is not going to drop your hand’s temp by 5 degrees but it will keep the sweat that is sometimes built up while gaming to a lower amount. Allowing you to frag a little longer.

The Level 10 M is the most expensive I have ever had underneath my hands. Prices online are hitting around the $95-$99 price range. At this price it is not for the faint at heart. You will have to be serious about the art of game playing to invest such an amount. But if you are that serious this is a nice mouse to look into.

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