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Posted by Paul Malfy
on Tuesday, 06 September 2016

You’d be hard pressed to find an enthusiast these days without a mechanical keyboard. With so many companies producing peripherals these days, they seem to be everywhere. That being said, any company can hire a Chinese manufacturer to slap their name on a cheapo plastic keyboard with generic switches. At first, it’s great. However, will it stand the test of time? Probably not. To get a well built, sturdy keyboard that’ll last, you need a good name, a name you trust. One of the most trustworthy names in the industry has to be G.Skill. Known for making of some of, if not the best ram on the market, G.Skill has been a fan favorite for years. Now they have stepped into the peripheral market with their KM780R RGB mechanical keyboard. But can a company best known for ram and storage devices produce a keyboard that can live up to their name? I’d like to that the good people at G.Skill for providing Pro Clockers with the KM780R and allowing this review to happen. Now, let’s see how the KM780R stands up to the competition.

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Posted by Paul Malfy
on Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Cooler Master decided to take advantage of the communities ever growing demand for customization with the release of their MasterCase series. First was the MasterCase Pro 5 and the MasterCase Maker 5. Now, with the release of the MasterCase Pro 3, Cooler Master has brought full modularity and customization to the smaller form factor.

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Posted by Michael Pabia
on Wednesday, 24 August 2016

SilverStone is one of the most renowned and respected brands when it comes to computer cases. Their RAVEN and Temjin series were just some of the popular cases for PC enthusiasts and builders alike. Here come a new series from SilverStone, the Primera Series cases and today we will be checking out the first model under this series, the Primera PM01 ATX chassis.

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Posted by Damon Bailey
on Tuesday, 23 August 2016

As enthusiasts, once we find peripherals that we like, we tend to stick with them for a long time. To persuade one to even look at a new mouse or keyboard, let alone willingly change peripherals, is a monumental task. It’s a safe bet that more than a few of us have something wrong with one of our peripherals. Whether it’s a sticking key or a frayed cord, it may be time for an upgrade. With so many choices out there, it’s sometimes hard to make a decision. But no worries, Cooler Master is here to make that decision a bit easier with their MasterKeys Lite L Combo.

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Posted by Michael Pabia
on Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Need a micro SD card for your device then store data to your iPhone or iPad? If this is the scenario you have, Strontium got the perfect solution for you. Check out the Strontium NITRO MicroSD with iDrive Card Reader for iPhones and iPads which we will be checking out today.

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Posted by Paul Malfy
on Monday, 15 August 2016

Responsible for one of the best air coolers ever created, the Hyper 212 Evo, Cooler Master knows cooling, it’s even in their name.  However, will their latest edition to their new Pro line of products live up to not only its name, but the Cooler Master reputation? We’d like to that Cooler Master for providing Proclockers with the MasterLiquid Pro 240 for this review. Now let’s take a look and see how it does.

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