Does Bluetooth Use Data?

How Does Bluetooth Work? Will It Eat Your Data Plan?

There are a lot of people wondering whether Bluetooth needs cellular data or not. First, let’s see what is Bluetooth. Just like a wireless internet connection, Bluetooth is also a wireless technology that uses a 2.4 GHz bandwidth. However, they are different.

Bluetooth enables devices to transmit radio waves. There are keyboards, mice, speakers, hands-free headsets, printers, gaming controllers, fitness bracelets, TV remote controllers and plenty of other devices, aside from smartphones and tablets, that use Bluetooth.

Does Bluetooth Use Data?

The good news is that Bluetooth will not impact your data plan since it uses a different kind of signal.

Bluetooth does not need an internet connection to transmit the signal from a device to another. Bluetooth uses short-range radio waves to connect two compatible devices. This is why Bluetooth is a perfect option when you travel and cannot access internet networks.

For instance, by enabling Bluetooth on your smartphone, you can listen to music or watch TV series. You can connect the smartphone with Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

What you should know about Bluetooth is that the devices connected to each other need to be in a certain range (10 meters for most devices and smartphones) to be able to remain connected.

While a Bluetooth connection will not use data, the apps that stream online media will need an internet connection. However, as long as you use media already downloaded on your device and use Bluetooth headphones, you shouldn’t need an internet connection. But if you’re using Netflix or Spotify, these apps will need an internet connection to work.

Considering Bluetooth is a connection through which you send data from a device to another using those short-range radio waves, it doesn’t need an internet connection to do so.

So, Bluetooth does not use data, but as we mentioned earlier, you must make sure you don’t use apps that need an internet connection. The apps are the ones that will use data, not your Bluetooth connection.

To avoid huge bills, make sure you limit your data usage and stay connected to a Wi-Fi internet connection.

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