How to Remove Stickers from a Laptop

Laptops designs are generally plain and boring, and their aesthetical value is the last thing you consider. What you do consider are the specifications, OS, and price. But once you do get your laptop, you add your own touch with cool clear stickers and slogans. It’s a common practice that most youngsters do to set their things apart from the rest of the world.

But sometimes you need to remove those stickers, like when you need to sell your laptop. Is it really possible to remove stickers from the laptop?

The simple answer is: Yes, you can remove them easily. Here are some simple ways.

What is the best way to remove stickers from a laptop?

Answer: Apply goo gone on the stickers carefully. Let it sit for a minute. Then gently peel away the sticker using your finger nails. Apply some more goo gone on the sticky residue, and wipe away the remaining sticky substance. Once this is done, use some warm water and cloth to clean off the goo gone from the surface of your computer.

Goo Gone

Goo Gone is an adhesive remover that works great. It is a strong substance that seems to completely  dissolve glue or other sticky substances. Make sure you also use with caution. Once you have removed the sticker, and  cleared away the sticky residue, use some soap and water to clean off the surface.

Use your nails

If the sticker is not that old, you can just use your faithful nails to scrape it off. Now we don’t have to teach you how to scrap something with your nails but find a loose part of the sticker that will come off easily. Once you find the loose part, start scratching with your nails gently so that the sticker does not break off. You should be careful about it, but if the sticker does break off, you have just added it to your work.

On top of it, you do not want to scratch the sticker surface with your nail or blade because it will only damage the laptop surface underneath. The result will be an ugly, scratched laptop surface once you get that sticker off.

Some Other Methods to Remove Stickers from your Laptop

Use a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun (BE CAREFUL!)

If the sticker you want to remove is a year old or more, then the chances are your nails won’t cut the deal. Over time, the sticker’s adhesive will dry up and harden, becoming more difficult to remove.

But you take it with a blower or a heat gun. Before you start, make sure that the blower is at its lowest setting and then point it towards the sticker for nearly 30-45 seconds. Check the temperature periodically by feeling the heat with your hand. If it feels too warm for your hand, it’s too warm for the computer!

If your blower produces too much heat at the lowest setting, you should lessen the exposure time accordingly, or it might damage the laptop. After short exposures, the sticker should come off with a gentle pull without leaving any glue residue or shredding. If your sticker is still stuck, you should follow the same step as the first point and try to get the edge off with your fingernail or a blade. Once the edge comes off, you can gently peel off the rest of the sticker.

A damp cloth to the rescue

If your sister doesn’t let you borrow her hair dryer, that’s fine. You can use a mildly damp cloth to take off the sticker as well. Wrap the cloth around your fingertip and dip it in water. Make sure to squeeze off extra water and rub the cloth gently on the sticker surface. Rub the cloth for a while until you can feel that the sticker is soaked and wet. Now, try peeling it off slowly. If the sticker doesn’t budge, repeat the soaking step. Works best on paper stickers or uncoated stickers.

Olive Oil Dressing

When you apply olive oil or a similar oil-based substance on the sticker, it slowly moisturizes the surface and loosens the adhesive underneath. Thus, you can peel off your ugly sticker.

You can pour a few drops of olive oil on a rag and apply it directly to the sticker. Spread the oil well on the surface and dab it nice and gently. Like the damp cloth technique, this method works well on uncoated and paper stickers. Once the sticker is soaked, you should be able to peel it off completely.


Taking the stickers off your laptop might seem like a tedious task and can ruin the laptop surface. But if you use these methods, you won’t face those problems. Be gentle and patients and let these methods take care of the rest.

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