What’s MSI Fast Boot? Easy Answer

MSI Fast Boot

What is MSI Fast Boot and What Does It Do?

The MSI Fast Boot software program creates a software registration point in Windows to enable a fast start when a user boots the PC. After installing the utility app developed by MSI, a Windows service runs continuously in the background. If you disable it manually, the program may stop functioning properly. MSI Fast Boot also adds a background controller service designed to run automatically post-installation. You can delay the start of this service using the service manager. 

MSI Fast Boot generally installs 9 files and has an estimated size of 5.28MB. has been the most commonly used version of the program. 

Should MSI Fast Boot be Enabled or Disabled?

It does not make a significant difference whether it is enabled or disabled if you use a Solid State Drive; the boot time will already be fast enough that you would not notice a difference. However, it should be enabled if you are using a Hard Disk Drive, as the improvement is noticeable.

Files installed by MSI Fast Boot

  • Driver_Engine.dll (by MSI)
  • FastBootService.exe (by MSI) – FastBoot Service (FastBootService)
  • NTIOLib_X64.sys
  • NTIOLib.sys – NTIOLib
  • acpimof.dll
  • FastBoot.exe (by Micro-Star INT’L CO., LTD) – Fast Boot
  • StartFastBoot.exe
  • unins000.exe – Setup/Uninstall

How MSI Fast Boot Works

UEFI fast boot comes with two modes, including enabled mode or normal mode and the fast mode. When running the normal mode, UEFI skips some startup checks and boots your PC faster. When running the fast mode of UEFI fast boot, it skips the entire POST screen where you can enter UEFI firmware with a hotkey. This prevents you from entering the UEFI firmware as you never get the option to press the hotkey.

MSI Fast Boot app allows you to reboot into UEFI Firmware directly from Windows even if you have fast mode enabled. Most users don’t know, but you can enter UEFI firmware even without the utility app by simply pressing & holding the left Shift key and restarting your PC. 

How Do I Remove MSI Fast Boot? 

You can simply uninstall MSI Fast Boot from the control panel just like any program using Add/Remove Program feature. The easiest way to find this menu is by hitting start in the bottom corner of your Windows screen, then searching “Remove”, and then clicking on “Add or Remove Programs”. From there, select MSI Fast Boot and uninstall it.

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