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Azza Genesis 9000

Azza Genesis 9000So, what is so cool about the Genesis 9000? It is the first case that we have ever seen where you can install the motherboard in two different configurations. You can have the standard installation where the CPU is placed near the top of the case like 90% of the cases out there. Or you can insert it 180° and have the CPU near the bottom of the case. How about that from a change?



Azza Genesis 9000

Azza Genesis 9000So, what is so cool about the Genesis 9000? It is the first case that we have ever seen where you can install the motherboard in two different configurations. You can have the standard installation where the CPU is placed near the top of the case like 90% of the cases out there. Or you can insert it 180° and have the CPU near the bottom of the case. How about that from a change?

Introduction to the Azza Genesis 9000 Super Tower

Today, we will be taking a look at a case that I have been looking forward to for some time. The last time I had this feeling it was when we got our hot little hands on the Cooler Master Cosmos II. The case that I am referring to is the new Genesis 9000 from Azza. Why am I so excited about this case? Well, the first reason is since we started reviewing cases from Azza, we have never been disappointed. And the second reason is because I love it when a new or not-so known company do something many others haven’t. so, it goes to show that new minds bring new and exciting ideas.

So, what is so cool about the Genesis 9000? It is the first case that we have ever seen where you can install the motherboard in two different configurations. You can have the standard installation where the CPU is placed near the top of the case like 90% of the cases out there. Or you can insert it 180° and have the CPU near the bottom of the case. How about that from a change?

Azza’s take on the Genesis 9000

AZZA unveils Genesis 9000. Offering unprecedented features, with uncompromised performance, all at an unbeatable price. Among the many courteous innovations you’ll find in Genesis 9000, is a removable motherboard tray that can be installed in two opposite directions. Placed in the traditional way, your CPU is next to the top fan. Place the motherboard tray in reverse, the ventilator is now in close proximity to your VGA cards. Placing a giant exhaust fan next to your hotspot is one feature that helps keep the computer cool locally. Furthermore, since the physics of good airflow demands global planning of the position and the direction of the ventilators to ensure adequate air intake and proper exhaustion, Genesis 9000 is engineered with the power supply installed in the front bottom so that 2 x 140 mm mid- and rear-bottom fans can supply gusts of wind blasting upward removing excess heat via the top 2×230 mm fan. This design generates an uninterrupted vertical airflow that allows air to flow in a straight line from bottom to top, providing optimum cooling for the entire system. The full-tower case supports dual-power supply. A second power supply may be installed in the rear bottom.

Genesis 9000 is as accommodating as it is thoughtful. The array of attentive features includes its capability to house a 480 mm water cooling radiator, the longest available in the industry. In fact, this expansive case has enough room for up to three radiators including one 480 mm plus another 240 mm and a third 120 mm. Also, it is the first in its class to hold VGA cards up to 400 mm. Maximum compatibility with motherboard allows for installation of XL-ATX, E-ATX, Full ATX, and Micro ATX. It is equipped with five easy swap HDD slots, supporting up to nine 5.25” drive bays. With nine add-on card slots, it is fully capable to accommodate quad-SLI.

Combining each of its innovative features, Genesis 9000 offers cutting-edge over convention, delivering a gaming experience second to none.

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Model Name

Genesis 9000W

Model Number




ATX Full Tower


White/White(inside chassis)


0.8mm SECC

Side Panel Window


With Power Supply


CPU Cooler Compatibility

up to 200mm

Motherboard Compatibility


Power Supply Locations

Rear Bottom or Front Bottom, Supports Dual-Power Supply


External 5.25″ Drive Bay


Internal 3.5 Drive Bays

5+1(up to 9)

Easy Swap 2.5″ SSD Slot

2 (up to 5)

Easy Swap 3.5″ HDD Slot

2(up to 5)

Expansion Slots


Front Ports

Front Ports

2x USB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, e-SATA, HD Audio, Mic

Cooling System

230mm Fan

2x230mm Silent Fan (24DBA) on The Top w/Fan Speed Control

140mm Fan

2x140mm Silent Fan (19DBA) at Bottom w/Fan Speed Control

120mm Fan

1x120mm Fan in Rear, 2x120mm on the Side for HDD

Physical Spec

Dimensions (HxWxD)

25.1″x9.8″x23.2″ (640mmx250mmx590mm)


36 lbs


Optimum Cooling for GPU.CPU

Reversible motherboard tray can be rotated 180 degrees to
orient graphics cards at the top, next to the top fan to
enhance the efficiency of heat dissipation.

Ideal Aerodynamic Airflow

An ideal vertical airflow is generated to offer exceptional
system cooling: with the power supply installed at the front
bottom, 2x140mm stock fans located at the bottom blast cool
air upward with the heat exhausted via the 2x230mm top fan.

Exceptional Cooling System
Total 7 fans

2x230mm fans located on the top to exhaust hot air.
2x140mm fans located at the bottom to take in cool air.
2x120mm fan located on side panel for cooling HDD.
1x120mm fan locate in the rear to exhaust the hot air.

Easy Swap Slots for 3.5″ HDD and 2.5″ SSD

2x Easy Swap HDD tray (up to 5) for easy, tool-less assembly of HDD.

Maximum Capacity Water

Top Mount Radiator: supports up to 480mm radiator.
Bottom Mount Radiator: support up to 240mm radiator.

Supports Lengthiest of Graphics Cards

Accommodates graphics cards up to 400mm in length.

USB 3.0 Ready

2xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, 1xeSATA

Supports Dual-Power Supply

Power supply can be located at either front or rear bottom.
Also supports dual-power supply.

Maximum Compatibility

Accommodates XL-ATX, E-ATX, Full ATX, Micro ATX and
all Nvdia and ATI graphics cards up to 400mm in length.
Supports all water cooling radiator systems up to 480mm.

Easy CPU Cooler Installation

A cut-out hole for easy CPU cooler installation — no need to
remove motherboard.

Closer look at the interior

The Genesis comes in two different color configurations being black and white. Standard nowadays for companies to offer these two colors for their cases. We are taking a look at the white ones which we feel is the better looking unit. And when it comes to the white model we found the paint job to be pretty good, reminding us a lot of what we saw in the NZXT Switch 810. The white is of a high gross and not flat like the Corsair 500 we tested.

The Genesis 9000 is a full-sized tower that is built well and very sturdy. Pulling it from the box we found it to be pretty heavy. This is often a reflection of a high quality built case. Azza list the case at 36 pounds empty. The case stands 25.1” tall and 23.2” deep.

The case doesn’t have that standard straight up and down look like most cases. It has a slightly sloped or laidback front panel. Most of the front is made of mesh with most of the mesh being part of the nine 5.25” drive bays and a smaller mesh area at the bottom. Two pair of blue lights completes the two sides of the front panel.

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The drive bays are easily removed from the outside of the case. For the image below we removed two of the covers to expose the HDD racks on the inside. We also removed the bottom panel to expose something special. This case also has the option to mount the PSU in the front. More on that later.

The right side has two small windows to allow people to get a glance of what is on the inside. One the windows have a nice blue tint to match the blue lighting of the front and the other is covered with mesh. There are two vent areas as well which holds two 120mm cooling fans.

The opposite side has no windows but has a concave shape to allow for ample room for holding the extra cable behind the motherboard tray.

The rear of the case has quite a bit going on. First there is a black handle to aid you in the removal of the motherboard tray. Yes, this case also has a removable motherboard tray. A total of three inlets are available to allow exterior water-cooling systems and cable routing. A 120mm is used for exhaust. And lastly we have the bottom mount PSU area.

The top of the case has that Alienware-like look to it where it is slanted to allow for enhanced airflow. We also have the same style blue lighting as in the front of the case. And the last part is the I/O panel with has an eSATA, four USB (two each USB 2.0/3.0) ports and the typical audio jacks. Above them we have the power/reset switch and the other end is a button that will turn off the blue lighting and reduce the speed of the fans.

The top of the case is secured to the rest of the case using a set of thumbscrews. Once removed we get a good look at the two 230mm cooling fans aligned across the top. They can be removed and replaced with a water-cooling rad measuring up to 4×120 with no modding.

A set of soft rubber plates protect the surface of the case from the floor. But hidden in the feet are screws that can be removed to separate the plastic bottom from the rest of the case. Once removed you can see the dust filters what are used to cover the bottom mounted 140mm cooling fans which there are two. If I counted correctly that is a total of seven fans in the Genesis.

Closer look at the exterior

Now we journey into the inside of the Genesis which is quite nice. The interior is quite open and allows for a multitude of system configurations. There is plenty of length of support video cards up to 15.7” long.

The motherboard tray has two rubber covered openings with several other smaller openings. All the opening is to accommodate the two motherboard layouts. Also included is a large CPU cutoff.

Here we have the tray removed from the case to give you a close-up what of is going on. Mounted to the tray is a GPU is meant to help support those longer video cards that tend to be too heavy and slope downward without any added support.

Looking at the bottom of the case we get a look at the two 140mm case fans. One or the other will have to be removed in order to place in the power supply whether in the front or the rear.

All the bays use a plastic quick release mechanism to secure drives and HDD brackets in place. Two of the bays have SATA back panes for easier assembly. The panes can be adjusted to your preference. Each of the panes also supports a 3-pin connected fan.

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In the rear of the case we see the 120mm fan and the vented expansion slot covered.

Looking at the rear of the motherboard tray you get a good look at the mess of cabling you will be dealing with.

Build Images

Like most cases we have dealt with we felt that the Genesis 9000 was a pretty straightforward tower to work with. Due to the fact that several panels and atleast one fan will need to be removed in order to complete the build, it adds to the build time but not by much.

Installing of 2.5″/3.5″ drives requires tools in order to complete, so no toll-less option there.

Temperature testing

Load testing was done using OCCT.

The idle temps were outstanding mostly due to all the fans in the case. The CPU idled between 25 – 32 degrees and the GPU was 38 degrees.

We loved the max CPU temp of 63 degrees.

The GPU hit a respectable 73 degrees.


My thought on the Azza Genesis 9000 did not change after I had the chance to play around with it. It is built with so many added features it is hard not to like this case. And the quality that we have seen with all Azza definitely continues with the Genesis.

The first feature we have to mention is the implementation of the motherboard tray. It is one thing to be able to remove the tray from the case. As it is something we have not seen with a lot of new cases even though many of us ask for it. It was nothing that was more common year ago. Why cases removed away from it I would never know. And to add to this the tray can be returned to the case for a total different configuration. We have seen the inverted motherboard arrangement provide better cooling especially for the GPU.

And then there is the ability to have to power supply mounted in the front of the case as well as the back. Or you can simply have two power supplies running. This is another option that leaves the end user with so much to work with. Granted is it a little time consuming having to remove the fans from the case in order to install the PSU.

All of the outer panels can be removed from the case via some simple thumbscrews. This can help in so many ways. One way is reducing the weight and size of the case making it easier to work on. And the other was making it easier from cable management.

The only area I can see someone knocking the Genesis 900 is its external styling. Everyone is a fan of difference styles of cases and one case cannot meet the visual needs of all consumers. Am I a fan of the looks of the Genesis? Well, I think it looks fairly decent. But I am more a fan of more simplistic designs.

There are several more features in which we could talk about but then may result with you not reading the entire review. So, we will leave it at that.

The Azza Genesis is priced at $170-$180 making it a damn good value if you ask me. There aren’t many cases in this price range (or higher price ranges) that give you the features of the Genesis.

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