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Best Computer Hardware for Online Games




 If you are new to the world of PC gaming, it is essential that you understand how to get the most from your setup when it comes to online games. The priorities for an office-based desktop versus a gaming PC are quite different, so we’re going to have a look at the most important components when it comes to setting up a good computer for playing games. These are the parts that you should spend the most money on and get the best possible item that falls within your budget. 

Graphics Cards

 Graphics cards are pretty much the most crucial part of a gaming PC. The graphics card is responsible for displaying whatever is being processed from your computer onto your monitor. To ensure a good gaming experience you’re going to want to take full advantage of all of the software programming that has gone into making the game in the 1st place. You don’t want a poor display or dodgy rendering as this will impede the enjoyment. 



 Next on the list of essential features is the central processing unit or CPU. This is your computer’s power and handles how the game plays a bit like your computer’s brain. It understands all the instructions that come from the keyboard and mouse and talks to the game running it as it was designed with backgrounds, loading Maps, and more. So, it is important that you have a powerful CPU to work well with your equally powerful graphics card. This is the best way to ensure that you will get an outstanding gaming experience without being a console games player.

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 One issue that often gets confused with new PC builders is the issue of memory versus storage. You need to ensure that you have an adequate supply of both, but there is a big difference. Memory is known as RAM and used to run a game successfully, but this is not where progress and games themselves are stored, that is your storage. 



 This is your computer’s hard drive and where you store the bulk of what happens in your games. When you hold progress and return later to carry on where you left off. Having a decent amount of storage means you can naturally keep more games and other information without continually juggling for space. External hard drives or storage are possible if you do find yourself running low but if you are building your PC from scratch, try and get the most considerable amount of storage that you can afford. The hard drive also needs to be a good speed as it will slow down your computer’s progress if the storage drive is too slow. 



 So, to work together, all of these individual pieces sit on a motherboard. This is what provides the connectivity, and it can also change the speed of how fast the information is moved from one part to the other. You also need to ensure that your motherboard and all components are compatible. You will hear the term plug and play which means that if you are upgrading a part you can unclick say a graphics card and clip back in a new one provided all the components are compatible with each other. 

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 Although your power supply does not directly impact your gaming capabilities, you want to make sure that it’s reliable. You may also want to consider a UPS; this is a device that is a massive battery. When the electricity is working as expected, it is charging and storing power, and in the event of a power cut, it kicks in and makes sure that you have time to finish your game and safely shut down your computer. A sudden loss of power can be quite damaging to computers, so the UPS is there to protect and prevent any such problem. Ups stands for uninterruptible power supply. Although they cannot power your computer forever, you can get between 20 minutes to three hours depending on the quality of the device you purchase. 


One thing that can cause a catastrophic failure in your computer is not having the correct ventilation or fans. With all that hardware working it can get scorching in there. Although they might not be one of the top electrical parts, not having the correct fans can cause damage to the whole system.



Finally, the last thing you want to consider is your monitor. You might not think that the monitor has much effect on how the game is displayed if you have gone to the trouble of sourcing a sound graphics card. However, the screen resolution changes the amount of demand that it places on your graphics card, so if you are playing games on the highest resolution, the graphics card can be overworked and perform poorly.

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