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The Best Overwatch Players and Teams in Europe



We are drawing closer to the release of Overwatch 2, the natural continuation of the Overwatch series which has taken the world by a storm. While Europe is home to many talented players the Overwatch League has been established mostly as a North American phenomenon. Only recently have there been more events across the world joining in on the new sport. Today we will be looking at European gamer’s and teams who are quickly becoming competitive forces in the sport.

Establishing a massive franchised eSports league is definitely no easy task. The individual slot for acceptance is worth anything between $30 million and $60 million. Yet, this has not curbed the enthusiasm of teams that have been looking to join in and make a difference in their fortunes. Today, we look at some of the best in Europe.

London Spitfire

London Spitfire is an exemplary member of the Overwatch League (OWL). The franchise represents London, hinting at the possibility of each city in the world, potentially, hosting a team. As the Overwatch League is balancing how many participants it admits, based on participation, London Spitfire has been shaping itself as one of the best franchises in the league, and also one of the most talented OWL squads to represent Europe.

The team was established in 2018 and currently competes in the league’s Western Division. They have won back $1,452,000 from competitions and the team is running seven-man strong, with various executive roles. The team’s head coach, Christopher Graham, joined in 2021 prepared to lead the team through.

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While Spitfire is representing London, it consists of a motley bunch of players, including Mikel Djernes as Tank and Kim Tae-hoon as Support. In fact, London Spitfire’s members are some of the most accomplished players in the OWL when examined on their own and deservedly so.

Paris Eternal

As popular as Overwatch is in London, it is equally, if not more, popular across the channel. Paris Eternal has quickly established itself as the top choice for an Overwatch team in the French capital. Founded only in 2020, the team has already had success winning $176,500 as of now, but they are playing in some highly competitive conditions. It certainly makes the lower prizes understandable, but they are shooting for bigger things in the future.

Paris Eternal has successfully reunited some of the best players around. The team currently runs with Alberto Molinillo as Support and Elliot Vaneryd and Vestola as Tanks. These players are of European lineage which makes their successes in the OWL, primarily dominated by Korean and NA players even more impressive.

While the team is still finding its place in the competitive OWL world, there are a lot of early signs that they are bound to be successful moving forward. Not only that, but Paris Eternal is the result of the immense growth of the eSports market in France.

Competitive video games are becoming a more serious pastime in the country and understandably so. If Paris Eternal is willing to pay $30 million for a single slot in the Overwatch League, this should be a clear sign that there is a HUGE potential in competitive video gaming and you should welcome it rather than fear it. Players are very welcome to set out on the quest of self-improvement and see where it gets them over the years.

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eSports players are some of the most interesting competitive-minded people to behold as they overcome long odds similar to real-world athletes to make their dream come true. In this case, it may be playing a game, but the skill involved in pulling off successful plays is enormous.

Shu’s Money Crew

Now, so far as some of the best players go, we should also mention those competing in the Overwatch Contenders. This is a special feeder league that is not yet in the Overwatch League. It’s a sort of a minor league where teams do their best to get noticed, whether that is individual players or the entire team. The current squad presently consists of:

  • Diego Du Marez – Tank
  • Paavo Ulmanen – DPS           
  • Daniel Rosdahl – DPS
  • Thimo Wiltz – Tank
  • Wiljam Granden – Support
  • Mikkel Nielsen – Support      
  • Carl Thomasson – DPS
  • Denis Tari – DPS

eSports’ popularity in France continues to climb up and Overwatch is surely a big part of that. While there are many challenges to overcome just now, you will find the ecosystem for competitive gaming to be thriving nevertheless.

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