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Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance 2 Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master Sentinel Advance IICooler Master has released a new mouse which is actually an upgrade to the Sentinel Advance called the Sentinel II. The new model takes the form of the older brethren but does have a more advanced laser sensor. The new Avago maxes 8200 DPI for greater quickness and accuracy.



Cooler Master Sentinel Advance II

Cooler Master Sentinel Advance IICooler Master has released a new mouse which is actually an upgrade to the Sentinel Advance called the Sentinel II. The new model takes the form of the older brethren but does have a more advanced laser sensor. The new Avago maxes 8200 DPI for greater quickness and accuracy.

Introduction to the Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance 2 Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming you need every advantage you can get. A faster rig, low latency internet connection, a good keyboard with easy to reach macro keys and quick flexes are just a few of the things that can give you the luxury of fragging with the best. But none of these is more important than a good mouse. The mouse is what gets you from point to the map to the other. It’s what allows you to aim with extreme accuracy. It’s an extension of your right hand when it comes to gaming.

Cooler Master has had good success with their series of gaming mice. Even in my household we CM mouse connected to every machine. My system has the original Sentinel Advance, my laptop has a Choiix unit connected to it and my wife has the Spawn. Yes, Cooler Master has us all covered.

Cooler Master has released a new mouse which is actually an upgrade to the Sentinel Advance called the Sentinel II. The new model takes the form of the older brethren but does have a more advanced laser sensor. The new Avago maxes 8200 DPI for greater quickness and accuracy.

CM’s take on the Sentinel Advance 2

Contains the latest Avago sensor that is capable of over 8000DPI. It brings much higher sensitivity and accuracy at all DPI levels. Low DPI gameplay is much easier with its ultra low lift off distance. Multiple color, DPI, profile, and macro settings await you to assist in making the most of your gaming experience. Change DPI settings, profiles, and more on-the-fly with buttons dedicated to the task.





Available Color



Form Factor

Right Hand Ergonomic



Avago ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor


Programmable Buttons



Onboard Memory

128 KB


Polling Rate

1000 Hz /1 ms



Up to 150 ips



30 g



3.3(L)x5.3(W)x1.6(H) inch
83.6(L)x135(W)x40(H) mm



139 g / 0.31 lbs



2 years


UPC Code


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  • 200 – 8200 DPI tracking resolution
  • 128 KB Sentinel-X™ Memory for profiles and macros
  • On the fly DPI adjustments (+/- 200 DPI)
  • As little as 1.5 mm lift-off distance
  • Up to 150 IPS – 3.8 m/s
  • 125 Hz – 1000 Hz USB rate fine-tuning
  • 5 profiles with 4 DPI setting each
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • 9 virtual buttons via button combinations
  • Right-hand Ergonomic Design
  • Customizable OLED logo
  • Customizable multi color LED light system
  • 5 x 4.5g weight fine-tuning system

Closer look

One of the biggest features that make the new Sentinel the mouse it is would be the new Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor that is a combination of sensor and surface emitting laser. The combination of the two gives the Sentinel Advance II the accuracy and speed to propel you to the top of the fragging gaming list. The difference is 8200 DPI compared to the 5600 DPI of the original.

Like it was stated in the early paragraphs the new model looks and feels just like the original. So much of this review will sound like the last. First to start the revision model is a blending of black and gray where the older model was all black. Check the image below.

The Sentinel is an eight button unit with six of the buttons being visible from the front. Here we have two DPI changing buttons, scroll wheel and a button to change the colors of the mouse. The left and right click button commands all from this angle. Each of the buttons can be further utilized when the user start to fiddle with the software.

Looking at the left side of the mouse we see two additional buttons. These are usually the back/forward buttons often using while web browsing or skipping through various documents. The button marked with the TX has a special function. When pressed in conjunction with any of the other button can execute a command that is assigned via the software.

The opposite does not consist of any buttons and is not as curved as the other. The slight curve is enough to accommodate the two fingers that normally grace this side of the mouse. The opposite side has to provide a resting area for that large thumb of yours.

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This rear middle section is pretty bright and very informative when powered on. First, the OLED screen gives you the X/Y axis of the current settings. And if you like you can setup a lighted visual of your clan logo or any logo you wish just as long as they are black and white in color. By default the CM flame is there.

Underneath we side all the makings of a good gaming mouse. It begins with the Avago laser which we talked about earlier and two Teflon feet that aligns the length of the two sides. There is a trap door which can house addition weighs. The mouse comes equipped with five 4.5 gram buttons.

What we didn’t mention about the laser is it has velocity of 150 IPS and has a lift-off distance of 1.5mm. Great for a person like me that has a tenancy to life the mouse off the pad and back to the left side. The polling rate equals 1000 Hz at 3.8 MS.


We will be taking a look at the basic functions of the software for the Sentinel II that has to be downloaded from Cooler Master. The application does look a bit overwhelming at first but once you get familiar with it things tends to slow down some.

The first screen is the Main Control which will allow you to make button assignments, adjust the DPI levels of the two buttons on the first of the mouse. There are a total of four different levels. Sensitivity both OS, double click and response time can be set here as well.

The lights are dealt with on the second screen which is called Color Control.

Macros and scripts are made in the next four screens. The first of the three allows you to program the TX key, then next the making of macros and scripts and the last show a library of all that you have programmed.

The last page is the Support page.


A mouse is something that you can definitely tell if it is for you or not from the very beginning. It all begins with comfort. If the comfort level is not there or the feel is too awkward then it’s time to try something else. For me the Sentinel has ideal as it is a very long mouse great for long fingers. Seems that my fingers just rest on the top of this mouse like lying on top of a comfy mattress. Adding weights to the mouse adds to the comfort of the mouse. I left all the weights in place while testing.

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I have seen people use two different mice depending on what games they are playing. Usually one for shooter type games and another for role-playing and strategy games. This is because of the buttons and the easy of doing what needs to be done with the least amount of buttons. CM remedies that but adding macros and script capabilities to the Sentinel.

To each his own when it comes to DPI settings. All my gameplay came with a 1600 DPI setting as it is plenty enough fast for my liking.


The Sentinel Advance II from Cooler Master is a great mouse and I am saying this from the heart as I have been using one since the first day the original Sentinel hit the market. The comfort level is ideal for those with longer fingers and large hands. And the addition of the little weight buttons further the level of relief when using the Sentinel.

The DPI range of 200 to 8200 is the largest of its kind. This comes from using the Avago ADNS-9800 laser. But this new offering from Avago is more than increase DPI levels but a great lift-off distance of 1.5mm and great polling rates.

The OLED is very easy to program and allows the user to upload an image. We liked the customization of the Sentinel but not everyone will be a fan of it. We were able to change the lighted coloring of aspect of the mouse.

The TX button is a nice option as it doubles the number of buttons on the mouse. And it eliminates needing one of the mice on the market with all the tiny buttons on the side.

We did not find anything wrong or negative about the Sentinel Advance II. Even the price is reasonable at $42 to $59 online.

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