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Enermax Ostrog GT Gaming Case

The Ostrog GT or Ostrog Giant is not an understatement when it comes to look by any means. The case speaks of gaming from first sight. The mesh front panel and rugged styling says it all. Is this by any means a bad thing? Not at all, we love the look of Enermax redesigned Ostrog case.



The Ostrog GT or Ostrog Giant is not an understatement when it comes to look by any means. The case speaks of gaming from first sight. The mesh front panel and rugged styling says it all. Is this by any means a bad thing? Not at all, we love the look of Enermax redesigned Ostrog case.

Enermax Ostrog GT Gaming Case


The whole gaming and eSport marketing has high-rocketed in the past few years. Mice, keyboards, headsets and mouse surfaces have been the trend as of late when trying to wedge a gap between a gamer and his cash. But the four items combined cannot measure up to a good gaming chassis.

Over the same time period we have seen everything from the most subtle gaming case some pretty extreme looking ones. I, personally am a fan of the subtle to middle range, you know the not so over-the-top chassis. One example of the middle range models in our new review sample from Enermax.

The Ostrog GT or Ostrog Giant is not an understatement when it comes to look by any means. The case speaks of gaming from first sight. The mesh front panel and rugged styling says it all. Is this by any means a bad thing? Not at all, we love the look of Enermax redesigned Ostrog case.

Enermax’s take on the Ostrog GT

Featuring the refined mesh front panel and colored bezel, the new Ostrog GT is not only an inherited gene of Ostrog, but actually a new breed that boldly blends in lines and shapes with strong gaming style in its appearance. The meshed front panel and the 5.25 drive bay cover also boast an excellent ventilation and visual synergy. 

Ostrog GT boasts an exterior full of character as well as a rich interior. This chassis comes with a set of eight removable 3.5” HDD cages and dual 14cm LED front intake fans that are rare among other counterparts. It also features a unique expandability with the 8 expansion slots that can support up to three dual-slot graphic cards, plus one vertical slot for additional add-on controller card/peripheral. The two bulged side panels create extra 32mm depth area for easy cable management and big tower cooler installation. In addition, the acrylic window on the panel not only adds up the chassis’s chic look and act as diffuser for the internal lighting rigs.

Ostrog GT offers a removable dual SSDs cage allowing you to place the drives at the three desired locations. The top I/O design also comes with four USB ports, including two super speed USB 3.0 ports. Furthermore, the new Enermax patented SlideIn™ locker gives you easy tool-less ODD installation. Ostrog GT is the smart choice for gamers as well as enthusiasts. 

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485(D) X 244(W) X 495(H) mm


Micro ATX, ATX

Power Supply


Drive Bay

5.25″: 3

3.5″: 8 x hidden (4 x removable)

2.5″: 2 x hidden


USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio


Front: 2 x 14cm LED fan
with LED on/off function

Rear: 1 x 12cm fan


Acrylic Window


Expansion Slots

8 + 1 (Vertical)



  • Meshed bezel with inherited gene of Ostrog and advanced ventilation
  • 32mm clearance for easy backside cable routing
  • Top I/O for easy connection of external devices
  • Easy installation
    • Enermax patented SlideIn™ ODD design (Patent no. M438105)
    • Rails with anti-vibration rubber pads for 3.5” HDD installation
    • Removable HDD cage allows high-end VGA card installation
  • Utmost expandability
    • Enermax patented SlideIn™ ODD design (Patent no. M438105)
    • 8 expansion slots to support triple graphic cards
    • Internal USB 3.0 support for the fastest data transfer
  • Supreme cooling performance
    • Maximum support up to 12x fans
    • Support 23/20cm monster fan
    • Support 280/240mm liquid cooling radiator
  • Transparent acrylic side panel shows individual inside view
  • Bottom mounted PSU slot with rubber pads and removable dust filter

Closer look at the exterior

The new Enermax Ostrog GT is a redesign of an original Ostrog case. If you venture over to their site you can see how extreme the newer GT looks from the original. The original has a simpler front panel while the GT has a armor look to it.

The Ostrog GT comes in four color combinations. I need to state in every instance of this case the entire case is black only the bezel around the front panel changes colors. There is black, white, blue and red. The color of the LED lighting also changes between the units. The black and blue units come with blue lighting, the white unit has white illumination and finally, our red model has a red radiance.

The GT is considered a mid-tower regardless of the labeling. The case stands barely less than 19.5” tall and sits back just under 19.1”.

The front panel is free of straight lines with it comes to the sides, top and bottom. The entire outline has an alternating step design going on.

The Ostrog GT gas three optical drive bays with mesh face plates. The plates are only removable from inside the case, so the side panel will have to be removed. Below them is a large mesh area that protects two 14mm cooling fans.

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The top of the case has the I/O place towards the front and consist of two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and dual audio jacks. Just ahead of them are the reset, power and LED power buttons. The back half has a large vented area that is would protect two 14cm or one 23cm fan if they were included.

The left side panel has a large window that will let you view pretty much everything mounted internally. The right panel is just pain but budge out to more room behind the motherboard tray for cables.

The rear panel has a total of eight horizon expansion slot along with a single vertical for any I/O extension or PCI fan controller. Also mounted in the rear is a third fan which is a 120mm model.

The Ostrog GT has ventilation opening for the power supply as well as a secondary fan.

Closer look at the interior

The inside of the Ostrog is painted black and is pretty spacious for a mid-size case. According to Enermax’s website the Ostrog can house a GPU as long as 11.2” with the HDD cages in place and 16.3” if you remove the upper cage. More on that later.

When it comes to the open areas of the motherboard tray we have one large one for the CPU cooler. This one is more rectangle than square allowing you to access to the cooler with motherboards with sockets that are off centered. As for cable routing, we would have asked for a different arrangement, but it made be hard to accommodate these wishes as the case is only 19” deep.

The optical drive bays are tool-less in operation. A flip of the plastic lever here will release the bracket allowing for a drive to slide in.

As for the HDD cages there are two that hold a total of eight drives. The upper cage is removable from the chassis to allow for longer graphic cards. The cage is not re-mountable in a different location on the bottom panel like some of the cases we are seen lately.

Each drive that is installed sits between twoplastic rails that can hold 3.5” drives. In the large HDD cages the 2.5″ is not natively supported.

The way the cages are designed you can attach a total of four 120mm fans to the case for a grand total of ten fans.

The Ostrog GT also supports a dual 120 or dual 140 water-cooling rad in the top of the case.

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Like we state earlier the bottom panel is well ventilated for the power supply and additional fan if you add it. There is a third HDD cage for two 2.5” drives that can be removed if not needed.

Here we have the rear panel from the inside.

Build Images

My only negative I saw with the Ostrog when it comes to the installation of a system is that you will have to run your 8-pin EPS plug through the opening in the motherboard tray before mounting the motherboard. The Ostrog is the only case I have seen where this opening is not at the top of the tray but where behind where the I/O area of the motherboard is.

Another small small issue is I came across was that Enermax did not use thumbscrews for the exapnsion slots in the rear of the case.


I am a huge fan of simplistic case but a case like the Enermax Ostrog GT could definitely sway me into looking the other case when it is time to look for a new case. Even with the gamer mesh and the non-so-straight lines, the Ostrog has a not so aggressive style. The black with red trim draws a little attention but not to the level that it overwhelms the person looking at it.

Even though Enermax label this Ostrog model the ‘Giant’, it is far from tall or larger, definite mid tower when you look at measurements. The inside may look a little cramped especially when it comes to adding in a GPU. But a simple remedy to that would be to eliminate one of the top HDD cage. But depending on your motherboard, slot arrangement and GPU you may have some issues with adding a second card.

I love the fact that the Ostrog has plenty of space for drives. But for those that do not have the need for any 3.5″ drives, you cannot remove the bottom HDD cage. Well, you can but you will have to remove some rivets in order to do so. Adding 2.5″ drives to the rear of the motherboard tray would have been a nice option.

There is plenty of space behind the motherboard tray for the above statement. As well as they is plenty of space to securely hide any extra power supply cabling.

Overall, the Ostrog is a very nice case and I think many would love to have the case. I know we enjoyed reviewing it.

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