Man Claims He’s a Time Traveler From 2030 And Reveals Baffling Facts About The Future

The internet is filled with crazy things, there’s no doubt about it! But hearing some man claiming he’s coming from the future is definitely something you don’t hear every day. The man made various appearances in videos, claiming that he lives in South Africa, but that he’s not from our time. Apparently, he came from 2030 and is ready to share some shocking facts with us. Not everyone liked what he had to say about our future, though – especially U.S. citizens!

Time Travel and The Internet

When controversial claims surface on the internet, there’s a big chance these things go viral. Although in theory time travel is somewhat possible, it’s not as fancy as we’d think. Well, a man claimed a few years ago that he was a time traveler and his story blew up! He got featured on the news around the world, he even gave interviews. And months later he got ready to make the final statement that left a lot of people in shock…