Man Sets Up Camera To Learn Why His Dog Was Staring At Him During The Night

There are many dogs abandoned on the streets or at the shelters, so we know that if we ever want to a get a dog, adopting is the best choice. Not only it is not as expensive as buying a dog from a breeder, but adopting a dog helps giving the pups a new home and a new chance at a better life. What this man didn’t know that his adorable pup came with some baggage. He ended up having sleepless weeks, until he set up a camera and finally discovered why his adopted dog was acting that weird!

Bringing A New Dog At Home

Adopting a dog also means expecting for that pup to come with certain behaviors or habits that they learned from the previous owner. But this couple didn’t expect their dog’s habit to be this disturbing. It kept them up at night… although during the day the dog was perfect.