Stupidity Knows No Bounds And These People Are Proof

Sometimes you meet a person and you just wonder: “How are you still alive?” Some people are so dumb that it’s truly amazing they haven’t been felled by their own stupidity. From adults who never learned the basics of everyday living to bosses whose idiocy proves that failing up is a real thing, there’s no shortage of dummies out there. These Redditors came together to share their stories about the stupidest people they’ve ever encountered. Somewhere out there, a village is missing its idiot—and chances are, they’re right here in these stories.

Drumstick Dummy


This one blew my mind. My housemate, a 24-year-old post-grad student, did not realize that: 1. You needed to preheat an oven. 2. You needed to defrost frozen meat before cooking it. 3. You need to use a baking tray. I learned this one day after I caught her lining the bottom of our oven with frozen chicken drumsticks.