These Are The Most Epic High School Senior Pranks In History

Being a senior is definitely a time when stress is at its peak. Students worry about everything, from homework, to college applications and prom, of course! But then there’s senior prank day! So, how do you make for an epic celebration so that your teachers will never forget you? These seniors pranked their teachers before graduation, and their pranks were so crazy that they even made it to the news! We can only imagine the consequences that followed…

Popping Balloons

“We snuck into the principal’s office one night and wrapped his desk and every item on it in tinfoil, then we filled the office with balloons,” wrote StandupGaming.

While cleaning up the tinfoil may have been a pain, at least the balloons were a nice touch. You have to admit that popping balloons is a one-of-a-kind satisfaction.