Astro A40s Headset Giveaway!

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Astro A40s Headset Giveaway!

Astro A40s Headset!

The winner of this international giveaway will receive an Astro A40 Headset, compliments of SattelizerGames and his community ( The entry system is dynamic and fits to what you are comfortable with. You may put in multiple entries based on how much more of Sattelizer's social media you are willing to expose yourself to. By doing this, you also help him grow his stream and social media presence while getting a chance at a sweet gift. Thank you and good luck! Remember, do NOT try to cheat the system. Multiple emails, follow/unfollows, and general tom-foolery will not only be found (cause the system has a very specific anti-cheating program) but it will also automatically disqualify THAT specific entry from further use. I.E. if you go and just click follow on my Twitch page and then immediately unfollow just to satisfy the system, it will NOT work (as soon as you refollow it will count again). Instead, only associate yourselves with what you want to! That is one of the best parts of the system is you don't have to involve yourself with anything of my social media or links unless you want to. Biggrin

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