Raidmax/Sunbeamtech Contest

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Raidmax/Sunbeamtech Contest

[B]Raidmax/Sunbeamtech Contest[/B]

It's almost time to start our Summer Quick Contest #3. This time we will team up with SunBeam Technology to bring you more great prizes. The contest will start tomorrow, but I'll post the rule this afternoon. Don't forget to refer your friends to join our contest and have fun for the Summer. [IMG][/IMG]

Ok, Here are the rules and the prizes


1. Which series of Sigma power supply is using aluminum body casing?
2. How many PCI-E cable that Sigma aluminum power supply come with?
3. How many Firewire port that SHARK Type W have?
4. What is the main feature of the Core-Contact Freezer?
5. What is MFDB stand for?
6. How many heat pipes the Core-Contact Freezer come with?
7. How many channels that Rheobus Extreme come with?
8. What’s the most special feature that Rheobus Extreme provides?

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In the works. But it will be small.


Good chance to win more stuff. Come on get it while it's hot. Step right up. Test your mental strength.