Buick Grand National 2015

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Buick Grand National 2015

The waiting list for the new Buick Regal GNX began on Black Friday, 2014 at Liberty Buick GMC in South Charlotte NC.

The Buick Regal GNX was first announced in the 1980's and is making a big come-back in 2015!

"Customers have already started calling about test driving one of these new cars, " reports Scott McCorkle, owner of Liberty Buick GMC. "We are adding their names to a waiting list," he adds.

The 1980’s were known for some very cool technology. It was the decade the personal computer found its market replacing the IBM Selectric typewriter on office desks. Video games systems like Pac-Man and Golden Axe became an extension to American televisions, and who could forget the Walkman being sported by many during a workout or a walk in the park. But according to muscle car enthusiasts, the coolest of technology came in the form of high-performance cars – the Buick Regal Grand National and its high performance big brother the Regal GNX.


urgh.... Don't like the new look. Give me the classic!



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I've wanted a Grand National

I've wanted a Grand National since they were released. I've only ever seen the GNX in person once. What a car.