Anyone feel RMA does not exist anymore?

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Anyone feel RMA does not exist anymore?

Anyone feel like RMA's dont exist, For this whole year, I been getting the same exact card/device ect. back and its quite frustrating still having problems, yet if you use something else, and clearly state you did for a extended period of time that it would not happen like the things you are having problems with?

Say for example, GPU's... problems with artifacting once in awhile, and clearly takes awhile to replicate from things like being on 24/7 ect.

Compared to another card, used for same X amount of time since power on, nothing happened.

Go back to other GPU giving you the problems, Within half the time frame of you noticing it constantly, It replicates again.

You send in the GPU, They send you same one back saying no problems, You let it run X amount of time as you did before till problems occured, And the problems come back.

This can be a Few hours, to a months time to have this problem constantly happening.

Ive had this issue for over 2 years now, and over 5 rma's in the first 6 months and they refuse to believe me, even showed them Pics, Ect. Even run time of my computer with The Problem GPU and the No problem gpu, showing how long the computers been on.

No beliefs so )W*&%)((*@#$&%)(@*$#@$%@)@)# hahaha.

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RMAs are definitely one of those things that many can rant on about. I have heard some horror tales about various companies. Including some that I work with on a daily basis.

So far I have been lucky and have RMA'ed just two items and that was just in the last45 days. A Patriot SSD and an EVGA GTX580. And honestly, they both went smooth.

For example, the GPU I purchased from somone on another forum. And when I received it the drivers would not take at all. Always in default graphic mode. Did a guest RMA with EVGA and three days after getting mine I had a new (new to me) one.

But I understand, if you can get behind the products you make then why be in business.


In the works. But it will be small.


Yea, ATM too, I have a asus board I been waiting for 8 months to ship to me that I won back in december 2011.

Just got note that its arrived at the websites house, instead of mine... so going to wait for it to ship here in a week or two now.

Either way, Bout time! haha.


It amazes me with how wonderful some companies are with the RMA process (it also helps to be totally honest and provide as much info as possible), such as Patriot (LOVE that company!), which earlier this year I had to RMA an SSD through them. The one time I had to deal with XFX, it went smooth (this was when they were still dealing with both AMD and Nvidia), and the only other one I had an issue with a product was Ultra (tigerdirect), wherein I had to RMA a PSU, which they not only replaced it (that exact model, they informed me, upon calling in for the RMA, was having serious issues across the board), but with a newer and more upgraded model (they even paid return shipping, so yes the RMA process went smoothly).

Thankfully I've had great luck otherwise with not having to RMA anything, but I always expect to have something. Currently my PC's GPU has had some issues off and on, but I'm unsure whether it's the GPU or drivers, as usually I only have issues with WHQL drivers, but not betas. There've only been a few instances, but although annoying, I'm afraid to bother trying to RMA it with MSI because I'm not convinced that they'd be able to replicate the issues, since they happen only once in a long, long while.

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I've RMA'd many pieces of hardware, and thankfully never had an issue. Seagate is probably my favorite as they'll cross-ship a replacement, where most want the hardware back to "test" before shipping a replacement.

Which company are you having an issue with? Have you told them the issue happens randomly over a period of time? I assume you've told them that. Unfortunately those random issues makes it hard for them to determine the cause, and if it can take several months to happen, they can't keep it in testing for that long. It sucks that they have to verify the issue before resolving it though.


I have a ZOTAC GTX465 video card that wouldn't take drivers past version 270.61 and would cause BSOD on every other boot. I went to the ZOTAC forums to post about it and after months and months of waiting for help, someone suggested I RMA the card. BUT, they also said, based on their experience with ZOTAC customer service, that I may never see my card again if I did. So, I went ahead and submitted a request for an RMA, recieved a notification of acceptance and then...chickened out and didn't send it in. It was the only card I had at the time and I didn't want to risk it. I still have the card and I would sell it, but I wouldn't give that thing to my worst enemy.