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Bell Canada

So I went out and decided to get a new cell phone. Since I felt like being "Trendy" I got the Moto Razr2 V9M. I have absolutely no faith in cell phones so i decided to get the extended warranty "first time in my life I ever payed extra for something I wont use" For the first 20 days everything was just peachy. Then I go to make a call and poof my front screen is full of vertical lines. Considering it worked when I put it on my desk only 5 min before I knew that it wasnt caused by an impact or anything hitting the screen.
So I bring it in to Bell that day. They look the phone over and tell me there is a 90% chance I will have to pay:mad: The store tech looks it over and sends it out with the condition mark as "very good' Brand new" and issue as "Lines in screen"

So I get an awesome loner phone that holds a charge for 4hrs and shuts off at will. 22 days later I get a call saying that my phone is ready to be repaired but only after I pay $150 as warranty doesn't cover screens. So I just tell them I will decide if I want to pay and call them back. At this point I am border line pissed. I get off the phone jump online and print off the warranty from Motorola, then grab all my documents and start reading, then re-reading, then get someone else to read it just to make sure i didn't miss the whole screen coverage. But nope no where does it say screens aren't covered. Instead of calling bell I decided to go it as everyone knows you get more done when in person. Harder to get hung up on when you are staring them down.

I get there at around 3:30 only to have the tech rep put her tail between her legs and run for the manager, and I was still being polite at this point. 30 min later she emerges from the back door saying come back tomorrow he left for the day. Well the Bell store is about 25x25 and the show room takes up 25x18ish. so I know he is dodging me as there is no way she couldn't find him back there.

Now I am really pissed off. So I head back in there at 10:00am the next day, again the rep runs to the back and then 15min later she comes back and tells me he is out and to come back in 1-2hrs. So I grab 2 coffee's and sit in front of the store for an hour and a half with every employee staring at me.. It is a mall so it isn't like I was loitering. When I head back on it the tech rep yet again heads to the back and to my surprise out comes the manager. Well now I am too the point where my hands are clenched in fists from anger.
Then just to make things better the manager tells me he can't do anything without seeing the phone condition. I told him what his rep said about it. He then says " I can't do anything without seeing the repair order" Well I take a look around and see 4 bell computers not being used. But just to be a smart ass I pull mine out of my pocket for him to read over. He tells me we can't do anything about a cracked screen. If the screen was cracked I would understand where he was coming from, cracks mean damage. He also tells me LCD's just don't get lines running through them unless there was an impact.

As a side note to anyone who doesn't know LCD screens can get lines through the whole thing without an impact, happened to my TV.......Twice and both times repaired as a defect in the screen.

So when I told him of this and offered to bring my digi cam in with pictures of an LCD screen with lines in it he realized I had him on all points so far. His idea of customer service at this time was to only eat half the repair bill. paying $75 just isn't going to work for me. I pulled out the warranty papers, and my bill showing my extended warranty and proved to him that the screen isn't excluded from coverage unless there is damage. And with no visible damage to the phone it is my word verse his as far as the damage goes. We fought for another 30min back and forth and after 1 hour he still wasn't budging. So I told him just to repair them damn phone and that i wasn't done with the fight and I walked out. Never with any plan to pay for a repair.

33 days from the time the phone went in for the initial svc i get a call saying to pick the phone up. This time I decided not to go alone. I went in with a certified electronics repair man. Well lets just say after we where done the manager of Bell was well informed of exactly how and why LCD screen's get lines running through them and in that is the proof of a manufactures defect. Needless to say I now have a fully working phone and I didn't have to pay for the repair:p

Not impressed with there repair company though, phone came back with paint missing all along the edges, but it just isn't worth my time to fight it as they will claim it was caused by me before it went in and was caused by normal wear and tear.

Moral of the story stay away from Bell Canada. They don't just screw you on the mobile phones, but it will be another hour+ of reading by the time I finish with there satellite, internet and phone service issues I have had:rolleyes: