Pro gamer killed selling his PS4 on Craigslist

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Pro gamer killed selling his PS4 on Craigslist

A 28-year-old former Gears of War professional player was shot and killed in an Atlanta, Georgia parking lot Friday night while trying to sell a used Playstation 4 to a couple he met over Craigslist.

Police say that when Daniel Zeitz met the couple in the parking lot around 9:30pm, the man, identified by police as Nathaniel Vivian, 20, attempted to steal the console from Zeitz. When Zeitz resisted, the 16-year-old girl, whose name has not yet been released, pulled out a .25 caliber pistol and fired one shot. It pierced Vivian’s hand and hit Zeitz in the chest—all while the girl's 16-month-old baby sat in the couple's nearby car.

The pair were arrested at Northside Hospital as they sought medical attention for Vivian’s hand. Vivian originally told Brookhaven police at the hospital that he was the victim of a crime, before eventually confessing to the murder.

The girl is currently being held in Fulton County Jail without bond. On Tuesday, the county's district attorney’s office announced it would try her as an adult alongside Vivian. The child has since been turned over to the girl’s relatives.

The last people to speak with Zeitz alive were his Gears of War teammates. According to K.L. “arCtyC” Smith, the last thing Zeitz said was, “Hey guys, I’ll be right back." Smith received a phone call at 4am the following morning informing him that Zeitz had been killed.

Rest in Peace Sad

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This sucks,..............

This sucks!

Maybe people should think twice before meeting someone late at night when they're alone. Or take a friend or two along for safety's sake.

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Wow that's scary. I sold a

Wow that's scary. I sold a few hardware to strangers already. When I set a meet up, I don't like the idea of meeting up in a parking lot or somewhere without people or authorities nearby. I meet up my buyers at malls, coffee shops, or I meet them at their house. Just a word of caution to anybody into selling stuff. Be wise and be very careful.... 

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I sell stuff and buy stuff on

I sell stuff and buy stuff on CL all the time.  This is my wife's biggest fear. Just be smart about it.  9:30pm in a parking lot is not ideal...