Verizon set to disconnect, unlimited data users w/ highest usage

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Verizon set to disconnect, unlimited data users w/ highest usage

Come August 31, if Verizon deems your account as using “an extraordinary amount of data” each month, you could see your line completely disconnected. In other words, Verizon may shut you down by the end of August.

According to sources of ours, Verizon is working on an Unlimited Data Plan Migration for the highest unlimited data users on their network. Starting tomorrow, July 21, Verizon will begin notifying users who have been flagged as using that “extraordinary” amount via mailer and through bill messages and explain to them their options to stay with Big Red.

What are their options? Verizon is forcing these out of contract “extraordinary” data users to move to The Verizon Plan (a tiered plan) by August 31 or they will shut down the line. If they don’t take that option by August 31 and their line is disconnected, they will have up to 50 days to re-activate, but of course, they can only do so by switching over to The Verizon Plan.

Unlimited data*

*unless you use a lot

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Advertising standards need to change

This is something that I find a bit disturbing about trade in general in the USA, especially from an outsiders perspective as a Brit.

I see things like "Unlimited Data" and in the UK it is forced by law to be exactly that. Every contract signed must be fair and if a telecoms provider has a package labelled unlimited it pretty much has to fit the dictionary definition of that word in order to be legally sold like that. Taking the rug out from underneath you is not just underhanded it should be straight up illegal. Misrepresentation of products / services is rampant in the US telecoms industry.

As a contrast in the UK I use Plusnet fibre broadband and it's unlimited. Genuinely unlimited, they even have a little caveat saying "yes, really, we won't even throttle you". Out of all the providers Plusnet are the only ones that offer this precise combination of terminology and actually stick to it. All the others with unlimited packages will throttle you but at least it's there in the 30+ page terms of service in very small writing.

Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of companies who mis-sell services in the UK too, but there is at least legal protection when it happens and there are companies like Plusnet that you can use who don't seek to actively screw you over.

A small improvement for most of the UK providers admittedly but I feel like a lot of US customers would benefit from it. I suppose this is the problem when the industry is dominated entirely by big business who lobby agaisnt smaller firms and even force local boroughs to not allow the laying of new line. That is a problem we share in the UK too, all of the lines are owned by BT and we choose our reseller, nothing more. It doesn't matter who you choose to provide your service, if it's coming in over fibre or copper then at some point you're still paying BT.

More anti-monopoly laws please.

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I work for an ISP in Canada

I work for an ISP in Canada that has limits, but have not enforced them. Most companies throttle or charge for overage. The service terms have no indication of what happens over the limits, but I have also noticed network intergrity getting better over the years. Less congestion. Mind you the biggest people going over the limits tend to be its employees. LOL

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US is completely different.

Most US companies charge either overage fees and/or degrage the service from 4G to 3G speeds in most cases when you hit your limits. It's a sad state of affairs for this sort of technology in 2016... Wireless carriers need to be regulated just like the ISPs are starting to get regulated before any real change will be made to help the consumer.

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My wife and most of her

My wife and most of her family use Verizon and it drives me nuts that she pays twice as much as me a month and we use the same data each month. I thought of going with Verizon but they wanted to charge an extra $20 just for having a "Smart" phone..  I wondered to myself, what other kind of phone is there to use in 2016.  So as they advertise to give you a $50 a month plan it is really a $70 a month plan; just because...  I just can't bring myself to pay an extra $30 a month, when I get the same Data plan and coverage for $40.


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Netflix suing cable internet cap

I read an article recently that said that netflix was suing for capping data limits, because it was anti-competitive. The cable companies are providing digital vod which is directly competing with netflix. I'll try to post an article, when i find it.