Our new Web-store is live!

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Our new Web-store is live!

Hey everyone!

In the wake of the events around FrozenCPU we have decided to launch our own Store! That store is now live and taking orders!

Somethings to know about the current site and ordering:
-We are offering Free Shipping to all US customers (no order min)
-98% of Primochill products are listed and ready for takers
-50% of mod/smart products are listed and more are being added daily.
-Most of the products on the site are prepared per order, so please don't expect orders to ship same day, especially late in the day.
-We will be adding lots of custom parts that we have never been able to sell, so keep an eye out for some crazy parts.
-60-90 days we will offer custom part configurators to order parts exactly how you want them.
We here at PrimoChill would like to thank all of you again for your continued support of our products and our company we could not do this if it was not for you. Cheers.
If you read this entire post you will see that there is a coupon code for 10% Off Entire Purchase of $50.00 or more, below.
Coupon Code - "fb-grand10" expires 3-6-2015

Visit PrimoChill.com and order away! 

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Cool Thank you.

Cool Thank you.

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Good to know, I would rather

Good to know, I would rather buy directly from Primochill 

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Just Checking

Good to see that this is still an option for us.
Went to the site today and drooled the whole time I was there. LOL!