Fx 8370E max temp?

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Fx 8370E max temp?

ive got a Noctua DH-14 air cooler, and I recently tried overclocking with a second gpu, Im stable but running alittle on the hot side.

im overclocked at (200.88x21) for 4218.40 mhz


with idle temps of 33-38c

and max load gaming temps of 63-67.

I have not experienced any noticable thermal throttling

general advice seems to be to keep it to around 62c.



this source seems to indicate that 70.5 is max operating temp. Is that safe to run?

whereas this source seems to indicate 62 is max




this source seems to mention a difference between socket and cpu temp.

I do not know if this makes a difference but all of my temperature measurements where performed through the program CoreTemp