Aquatuning Samples

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Aquatuning Samples

Hi Guys


Aquatuning was nice enough to send us their  Eisbare 240 AIO  as well as their ERisbare 360 AIO   We will be testing both units with our new Intel 7980XE 18 Core and our 7900X  10 Core.

I should be starting testing this week and hope to have the review published by the end of next week. As far as the chassis, I'll be using the Corsair 570X RGB with the  ASUS ROG X299 Rampage 6 Extreme and 64GBs of Kingston DDR4 2666MHz.

Also the Toshiba / OCZ RD400  1TB  NVMe drive as well as two ASUS Strix GTX 1080Ti OC cards .