AMD has their own recommended CPUs for VR

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AMD has their own recommended CPUs for VR

It seems that the Oculus website doesn't quite agree with AMD's current lineup of CPU's, and won't certify you as having a VR ready PC if you happen to have one, either. Now, it's well known, and not refuted by any means, that the performance is certainly not on par with Intel's current generation (and last generation) of CPU's, but that doesn't mean that they won't be able to provide a good VR experience, either. So AMD has released their own list of VR ready processors so that AMD owners, and fans, aren't left out.

The list contains CPU's that have been tested to a certain standard of performance, internally, when using VR. Essentially, Vishera is more than capable of handling the complex tasks in VR with higher clock speeds. The FX 8350 all the way to the FX 9590 make the list, as well as the higher clocked six core variants. A note, however, is that AMD has amended their list and take off the APU's and Athlon X4 880 an 870K, though not because they can't do VR, but because they haven't been qualified internally yet.

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no one would honestly

no one would honestly recconmend them however

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recommended sometimes is

recommended sometimes is almost the same thing as having some hardware to run minimalistic aplications.

but i doubt that smb will always run the minimalistic applications.

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Recommended VS. Minimum

It's kinda of funny because when it comes to none VR games you can always look at the recommended system requirements but then you can also look a the minimum and sometimes skate by with what you have but not with VR it's so demanding that if you don' t have the recommend systems requirements your pretty much out of luck and unless your upgrade!

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