Intel Begins Price War With AMD Ryzen

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Intel Begins Price War With AMD Ryzen

Intel’s enthusiast, mainstream and budget tier processors have received massive price cuts by a certain list of retailers. The price cuts come just a few days after AMD announced their new Ryzen processors that feature highly competitive pricing and great performance numbers.

Intel Kaby Lake, Skylake and Haswell Processors Get Massive Price Cuts By Retailers – Team Blue Beginning To Feel The Imminent Threat of AMD Ryzen Processors

Over at Microcenter, we can see a large array of Intel processors that have undergone insane price cuts. We are looking at processors from the Kaby Lake, Skylake and even Haswell generations that are going at discounts of up to $300 US. Following is a list of all the processors that have seen price cuts at the retail site:

As you can tell, these are some serious price cuts which show that Intel or at least retailers know that to keep up sales of Intel processors, they would have to offer some pretty serious price cuts. Several CPUs also come with a further $30 savings promotion when bundled with a compatible motherboard. A total of 12 such processors are listed on Microcenter

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Interesting !  Thanks for the

Interesting !  Thanks for the post Kevin !

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I would love to have that 10

I would love to have that 10 core and a pair of 1080ti's but I just can't seem to sell a kidney darn it!

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