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I looked into the HDMI and turns out that 1, you can still get 1900/1200, and 2, it is a waste of money for me. being that I wont use the dedicated HDMI out on my mobo, and my vid card is a dvi-d to HDMI adapter, so same vid quality but with the HDMI I can use the built in monitor speakers…I will never use them as I run 5.1.

I went to future shop this weekend and relized a good point while looking at there monitors. I dont need 24″, as nice as it would be with cad it isn’t req. as I do it now on a 19″ and used to use 17″ lol. Plus if i go 22″ I will spend less money and get good panel where as with 24″ my budget can only afford a TN panel. and since I wont bu running SLI, yet, I will be keeping my 19″ as a secondary.