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TRU, its some pretty nice gear. I dont think your great is holding you back either. It has been away since I last overclocked an AMD mobo, so I will try to help as much as I can.

But some thing I would like to know first. Are you willing to up the voltage is necessary to a better o’c? Because I see that it is pretty common to get in the 4.6-4.8 with up to 1.45-1.5 voltages. And the cooler you have should be plenty. I know I reviewed it. LoL.

Is it the software that is getting you the 4.0GHz or your personal setting? If it is the software, try writing down the settings, duplicate them on your own after you change the settings for o’c to manual and not Auto. And pushing the CPU/FSB multiplier as high as you can go until you hit your stable mark.

Also, remember that AMD as well as Intel have integrated memory controllers, so you may have to lower the ram frequency some to keep it from being a bottleneck.

I will try and find some screenies of the board’s BIOS to further help you some more.


You think is better manual or with software for me manual even a can’t do it lol