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I totally agree with you on the whole socket thing. But i am surprised they went the ‘one socket’ route as long as they did.


yeah they survived with the 1 socket approach for a long time. The best was and still is the backwards and forward compatibility of the AM socket series. Example. My last board was an ECS 780g black edition. It was AM2 when it released. After a few bios updated it could support AM3 cpus. That is 3 generations of CPUS on one board. AM2, AM2+ and AM3. I upgraded cpus 3 times and was on my way to the 4th when my PSU killed my board.
I started with a X2 4200+ (AM2) then upgraded to a 9850 X4 (AM2+) switch to a 6400+ BE X2(AM2+) and was about to get the 1090t (AM3). You dont get that kind of compatibilty with Intel. New cpu new board most of the time.