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There are way too many players in the SSD market in my opinion. It’s the complete opposite of a monopoly and whilst it’s driving prices lower there’s also very little way to recognize a quality drive from a **** one.

In reality there are two choices, or if you want to include Indilinx, an artificial three choices. Marvell or SandForce.

OCZ are notorious for drive failures on their SandForce drives. I had a close friend of mine go through three Agility 3’s in 4 months. That’s a shocking failure rate.

If Seagate acquired OCZ, perhaps they could throw some of their QC and R&D into OCZ’s corner and bring their reputation for “everything that isn’t the Vertex is a real piece of sh-” back up to a higher standard.

I’m a Plextor owner, and enjoy something in the area of a 0.2% failure rate.. pretty awesome.

From Seagate’s perspective; without an acquisition, they are F’d until SATA 4.. which could be a long way off. Perhaps it wont even come and new storage media will go PCI-E, but I doubt that. Anyway, Seagate have recently decided they want in on the SSD pie, but it’s simply too late to jump into this market with so many established names and attempt to steal market share. They need a name to hide behind, and OCZ was a perfect fit. No idea why Seagate opted to acquire LaCie over OCZ, but hey, there’s always next quarter.