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Under the hood, I like what Win8 has to offer.

However, that only goes so far. The user experience is what will help make/break it. The “Metro” interface is designed way too much for tablet or phone. I haven’t played with it for several releases, but I plan to. On the last release I did play with, on a large monitor the tiles were HUGE and I couldn’t resize them down to get more on the screen. Hopefully that’ll be fixed.

Then, if I remember right, software has to be coded in a certain way to work on the Metro interface, what about older/legacy software? Now you have to go to another interface to get to those?

They should’ve left it as a toggle on/off and let the user decide what to do. They did this originally with XP and I believe Win7 has a XP look option to it as well. People do fear change, but eventually they’d get use to it.