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That’s good I work 3 to 11 and sometimes I watch YouTube or also like year ago I was into streaming but console, can I ask your set up setup software and hardware?

Hardware is in my profile next to name, XD.

Software just DXtory with free Xsplit trial thing.

My quality is not the greatest but watchable now. Only can do a 675kb upload rate, for some reason does not want to go above that, and i only have a .98 mb upload rate.

Anything past that it just gets rediculusly choppy when alot of things are on screen. But Ive tuned it out so you can actually watch it a bit. Like if you go watch some videos on my channel from diablo 3, youd see that it gets retardedly choppy with a bunch of stuff. even with everything Low settings.

the Upload rate just cant keep up.

(needs to find job and afford better internet XD)