BFG Tech EX Series 1200 Watt Power Supply

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[FONT=Arial]”This is the first point-n-shoot camera that I have worked with extensively in about three years as I have been using a DSLR exclusively. Before that, I owned a few Nikon and Olympus point-n-shoot cameras and have had some brief shooting time with a Canon and Kodak camera in the past year or so, neither of which I was terribly impressed with. Of course, it would be foolish to think the FX150 would outperform the DSLR so I won’t exactly be comparing the two side by side here today. I have, however, been looking for a nice point-n-shoot unit to carry around with me at all times and I aim to find out if the FX150 is a worthy contender in that category.”[/FONT]

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