EVGA GeForce GTX 295

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]From a performance point of view, if you’re looking for the fastest card there really isn’t much choice but to go with the GeForce GTX295 as it offers blistering performance in the latest games with the highest resolutions and settings enabled. EVGA offers excellent support with Lifetime Warranty, Toll-Free Technical Support 24/7 and the 90 day Step Up Program that can’t be beat. Buy two of these cards and you’ll have the ultimate in performance bar none. One thing to note is the card is $549.99 online, making it expensive but if you want uncompromising performance sometimes you have to pay the price. EVGA also offers Crazy Machines 2 and you get Call Of Duty: World At War if you purchase this card from Newegg. Overall this is one fast card that qualifies for our Hot Product Award, if it had been one of the faster overclocked versions it would have won an Editor’s Choice.[/FONT]

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