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Looking good Stan now I feel like a bandwagoner with my build.

Hi James, just take your time and plan the build correctly, if you do not like the way it looks, just start over, until you get the build the way you like it. For me, Phanteks sent me the case, Gigabyte gave me the Z87 OC board, and Kingston sent the 32GB Beast kit, and the 480GB SSDs. Same goes with the XSPC Rads, and Res, even the Cougar fans. You have to understand that I’ve been working with each company for 7 years or more With my 900D build, EK Water Blocks sponsored the build, and sent me $1200 in water cooling hardware, which is why their logo was added to the 900D right side panel, but I still paid over $1000 for the 3970X and over $2000 for the EVGA GTX 690s. Even the cost of the 900D paint, was over $1000, but that also included shipping the 900D to MNPCTech, and having it shipped back to me when the custom paint was finished.