Kingston 80GB SSDNow M Series Drive

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Right now SSD drives are one hot commodity in the PC industry at large and with more and more companies jumping on the band wagon it will not be long before these new drives become the mainstay of storage. They will most likely be used as your boot drive in which you’re OS is installed, making for less chances of data loss. At the moment these drives are easily available up to a 160GB capacity and are a bit on the pricey stage in a drifting economy, but really do offer new advancements in storage technology. Whenever something is new to market it is this way and we will see prices drop as the market becomes flooded with various SSD products in the future, for now, you wanna play, you gotta pay. One thing to note since his drive is not a magnetic drive it does not need to be defragged as that will possibly result in damage to the SSDs memory chips.[/FONT]

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