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[FONT=Calibri]“[/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]I’ve been using the G19 for a few days now and I am glad to report that it works like a dream. Each key provides good travel and feedback, and the spacing between each key is sufficient enough that you don’t hit multiple keys unintentially. Key presses are also relatively quiet – unless you bang at them like a lunatic – and the supplied wrist rests makes long gaming sessions very comfortable. Having said that, there’s nothing on the market that will truly allow you to play FPS games for extended periods of time without getting the dreaded ‘claw.’ The only feature I couldn’t figure out without reverting to the online Help was how personalise the character backlighting of the keyboard to easily locate keys in the dark. Alerting general display settings, such as how to switch between programs, was a snap. I was also surprised at how smoothly video and pictures played on the little LCD. Sure the screen is small, but anyone accustomed to watching video on an MP3 player or their iPhone will not feel uncomfortable, though why you’d want to when your main display is right in front of you is another matter. The biggest gripes are obviously size and cost, plus the fact that the keyboard needs to be juiced (AC adapter supplied). A pure luxury item but one that’ll put a smile on your face every time you sit at your desk, Logitech’s G19 is a brilliant keyboard.”[/FONT]

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