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[FONT=Times New Roman]MSI’s 790GX-G65 is a solid motherboard that lets you build a fast AM3-based machine using the latest DDR3 memory. The new memory type certainly gives you a slight performance boost over DDR2, but those running a strong DDR-based machine probably won’t notice much of a speed boost to justify the cost of a new motherboard and memory. If you are in the market for building a machine from scratch and have decided upon an AMD Phenom II X3 or X4 processor, the 790GX-G65 is an excellent value motherboard that makes stable overclocking a breeze thanks to the EZ OC Switch and bundled software. And as it supports memory overclocked up to 2133MHz, there is plenty of opportunity for your system to grow. There are faster motherboards available, but you’ll struggle to match the value of this mid-range product.”[/FONT]

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