NZXT Beta Mid Tower Chassis

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[FONT=Times New Roman]”With my time scouring forums, it never fails that there are guys on a super limited budget that need to put together a solid gaming PC. After all the best “bang for the buck” components are chosen, there may not be a whole lot of funds to dedicate to a chassis to house the investment. Most of the choices in the sub $100 range are either poorly designed or, sorry to say it, ugly to look at. Never fear, NZXT has priced a mid tower chassis where there really can’t be any complaints.

[/FONT]My last experience with NZXT was when I reviewed the Panzerbox, which was a nice change to the normal chassis with a unique layout and good airflow. Previous to that I looked at one of their more basic tower chassis designs and was surprised to see that I could in fact install my GTX 280 in the Zero2. With all this in mind, I am eager to see what they have sent to our labs this time.”

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