OCZ Neutrino DIY 10-inch Netbook

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[FONT=Times New Roman]”We all know that the global economy is tanking and many consumers are unable to purchase the things that they would typically buy. One of the items that has seen the lowest sales levels in years are notebooks. Despite slow notebook sales consumers are flocking to netbook computers in droves thanks to the portability and low price the machines offer.

[/FONT]In fact, the latest figures from DisplaySearch show that netbooks accounted for a full 20% of the notebooks shipped for Q1 2009. The netbook category is booming and today we are going to look at one of the more odd entries into the category. The OCZ Neutrino is billed as a DIY netbook. The amount of DIY that the machine requires is likely nowhere near as much as your average PC enthusiast is used to undertaking.”

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