Sir-diealot wrote:



I asked this in my entry but did not get a reply, could somebody let me know the answer please. Oh and thank you guys so much for the giveaway.

“Quick question if I may, I have made more than the 10 posts (Edit: If replies are counted as posts as well) but I am new to overclocking so I don’t really have anything posted that would be usefull, I have made more than 10 posts for sure (Edit: If replies are counted as posts as well) but do I qualify? Thanks and happy building.”



I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.  The powers that be here are really fair to everyone, including new people. 

In specific regards to the posts and their ‘usefulness,’ I don’t think a post always needs to be essay quality in order to be counted as useful.  The admin seems primairly concerned with maintaining a certain integrity on the boards and not having an abundance of foolish gibberish comments show up that are just to qualify for the giveaways — e.g. one or two word posts that add nothing to the discussion.  A lot of well known and respected sponsors are represented here, so it is desired that a certain standard be upheld.

Don’t worry though.  No one’s a hard butt.  Relax and enjoy the boards.  Good luck in the giveaway!