Thermaltake ISGC-200 Heatsink

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[FONT=Tahoma]”At the heart of the Thermaltake ISGC-200 heatsink is a glossy white impeller that vaguely resembles the petals of a daisy. The tips of the fan blades have a little notch taken out, supposedly this reduces noise by 3% too. The ISGC-200 heatsink itself stands 140mm tall, weighs 470 grams and accommodates one 92mm PWM fan that spins at 600~1600 RPM. If I didn’t know better I’d say the ISGC-200 was released for Intel’s new socket 1156 formfactor processors, except that it isn’t actually compatiblea with these chips at all. Instead it supports AMD 939-through to-AM3 and Intel 775 processors.”[/FONT][FONT=Tahoma][/FONT]

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