WD AV-GP 2TB Hard Drive

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Overall this drive tested very well and had the highest write times of all the drives tested in this review. Seek and read times I think are really the most important times to be concerned with, as that is what we are usually doing with the drive, seeking and retrieving information off of it. The WD AV-GP 2TB is very competitive within the realm it is trying to sell in and should be gobbled up by the consumer market. All things considered, the WD AV-GP 2TB ran, cool, quiet and efficient, as well as being performance savvy for a drive in this class. The 32Mb Cache Buffer makes a big improvement and it’s a good thing WD added that additional 16Mb to this line, as it does show better read times than even the standard 10,000RPM Raptor. I give the new WD AV-GP 2TB Drive an Editor’s Choice award as it’s the highest capacity drive of its kind and is priced at about $249.00 on the web, which is not bad at all.[/FONT]

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